Well this week we will get to see a few things as we get some really good match ups. We also will get to see two teams vying to get the Number 1 overall pick in next years Draft.

Let’s go to San Fran at the LA Rams. Are the Niners this good? So far they have played what all teams claim is the recipe to win a Super Bowl: Run the ball and Stop the Run. The Niners are rushing the ball for 200 yards per game and allowing only 82 rush yards per game. If these numbers get matched vs. the Rams, they win easily. But they are coming off a Monday night game and now face a Rams team that will be crazed after two straight losses and also well rested, playing last week’s Thursday night game. Both teams are averaging a combined 61 points. The Rams though of late are like a bakery, just dropping turnovers like they are feeding a bunch of high school boys. The Niners have the #4 Offense and the #2 Defense. Coming into this season it was the Rams Defense we expected at #2. Nope, they’ve been very erratic must improve in all phases or they will be in a dogfight week after week. Teams that are (4-0) and are installed the Underdog (the Niners are here +3), are (4-0) ATS since 2015 and (15-8-1) ATS the last 24x in this situation.

Next it’s the Eagles traveling to face the Vikings in Minnesota. Vikings HC Zimmer is (31-12-1) ATS at Home since taking over the team. He’s got the #4 Defense, and for the most part he’s needed it as his QB (Cousins) has been shaky and right now is the fourth worst QB passing the ball. Luckily the Vikings have the best RB in the NFL so far, (Cook), who leads the rushing attack (166 rush yards per game). The key to this game will be can they come anywhere close to that huge number vs. the Eagles Defense vs. the Run (#1 allowing only 63 Rushing yards per game). If they can’t, they will be forced to ask Kirk “Never won a big game” Cousins to win against a winning team with his arm, something he’s only done 5x in 31 tries. The Eagles have some QB troubles too though, as QB Wentz has now had 4 games of 60% completions or less. This game is possibly the biggest game of Cousins career, as if he throws a big DUD here vs. Philly, the Vikings are going to have to rethink keeping him at QB ahead. The Vikings possess 3 of the best Offensive players in the NFL (Thielen, Diggs and Cook) and should not be struggling to be explosive on the Offensive side of the ball. He gets rattled easily and he’s facing a banged up Eagles secondary, but a Eagles DL coming off a 10 sack week last week and so they will be licking their chops to face “Deer in the Headlights” Cousins. 

Next we catch the Chiefs off a rare terrible showing by it’s Offense last week and facing a team that just had it’s highest scoring game in years the Texans. First thing we should know early on is how healthy is Chiefs stud QB Mahomes (sprained ankle). He says he’s fine, but that’s a touchy injury they clearly affected his play last week. The Texans OL is below average, but the Chiefs have the 26th overall Defense, and likely won’t affect Texans QB Watson like many other Defenses have. And Watson won’t be rattled on the Road, as he’s (8-1) ATS as a Road Underdog (+4 points in this one). With no rain and game temps in the 60’s, the edge clearly goes to the 2 Offenses.

Last the Toilet Bowl game pitting the Redskins and the Dolphins. The loser actually wins, as they take the drivers seat for the Number 1 overall Draft pick. Look folks, the Dolphins should never be a team you bet. They are clearly tanking, and I’ve never seen any team get outscored (81-0) in the second half of any seasons first month of games. The Fins have been outscored by 137 points. That’s hard to do. They have lost all their games by 20 points or more. QB Rosen has only generated one TD scoring drive in his 2 starts. The team has the worst Defense and second worst Offense. They have not been competitive at all. The Redskins are (0-5), but they have been somewhat competitive. They outplayed the Eagles for a half, and have actually started strongly in all but the Giants game. Their Off Line is a total mess, and that has killed the run game. They will get the best QB in their stable back as Case Keenum seems to be healthy again (bad wheel). He threw for 7 TD passes in his 3 1/2 game action thus far, but his last start he was just not looking stable on the bum foot, and he missed two wide open receivers for bomb touchdowns against the Giants. He’s got some weapons to throw too, and he may have time vs. Fin Defense that doesn’t rush the passer well. This is one team the Redskins can actually not be overwhelmed at the line of scrimmage against. The Redskins fired their HC too this week, and that plan was clearly so he could come in and get to face this horrific Dolphins team, grab a win, and make it look like the problem was former HC Gruden. The Redskins problems were so many reasons, and not all Gruden. New HC Callahan loves to run the ball. He was the OL Coach. He likely will try to run the ball 40x or more here unless he feels Keenum is fully back to good health and moving well. The late money is all on the Redskins, and justifiably so. They have big edges in many areas and unless the Dolphins have Dan Marino sneaking into this game, this will be hard for them to just overcome the most brutal start we’ve ever seen in the NFL thru a first month of games.

Enjoy the games this weekend.


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