LAKERS ROAD RECORD:  (18-3)              ~        CELTICS HOME RECORD (16-5)

TNT TV  –  7:30PM/PST

If you are an old timer NBA fan like I am you would be sure to fix your schedule to never miss a match up of the Lakers and the Celtics. We had a period there where the Lakers really fell off the map and these games didn’t have the same meaning. But we once again have a game tonight not just for bragging rights, but it’s an important game for both teams, and with the Celtics on a rare 3 game losing skid, it’s a giant game for them regardless of who tonight’s opposition was.

Two teams that will definitely being Playoff teams and so really since they only play twice a year (once on each teams home court), this game tonight is much more important to the Celtics. The Lakers have been fantastic all season with very minor blips only all season, even when many thought the team may not be deep enough outside the Big 2 (Lebron and Anthony Davis). The Lakers have proved they are one of the best 2-3 teams and even on the Road they have not only won, but they are destroying teams. The Lakers have a very impressive (18-3) Road record, but they won their last 4 Road games by 9, 15, 15, and 18 points. Heck they haven’t lost a Road game in over a month (last Road loss was Dec. 19 vs. the loaded Bucks). The Lakers even went (4-1) their last 5 games without one of the Big 2, as Anthony Davis missed all 5 due to injury. He will return tonight, but is on a minutes restriction. The Lakers PG R. Rondo also makes a return to TD Garden Arena in Boston, where he once helped lead the Celtics to a Title. 

The Celtics are still a team growing together since the departure of Kyrie Irving. He was a Cancer to this team over the past few seasons and now it’s a team who really likes playing together and one with NO “Egos”. Of late the Celtics problems have been all about Injuries to the key core starters. Young stud J. Brown missed past 2 games with a sore thumb and newly acquired All Star Kemba Walker missed the C’s last game with knee soreness. Those injuries have played a part in the Celtics 3 game losing skid. The Celtics are (16-5) at Home which is very good. But two of those five losses at Home came in this 3 game losing skid and against bad, really bad, teams (Suns and Pistons). They have lost their way playing good hard Defense and it’s turned into shootouts where they were missing their key sharpshooters. The Celtics started off at Home (14-2) and now are just (2-3) their past 5 games at TD Garden. The Celtics really were slumping though before these last few games with Brown and Walker missing action. They are just (2-6) their last 8 games and it’s been really slow starts just killing them. They’ve made some spirited comebacks but they weren’t enough. In this 3 game losing skid they have allowed 123, 128 and 116 points. Giving up a ton to the high flying loaded Bucks team on Road is acceptable, but allowing that many to horrible Suns and even more so the Pistons, just can’t happen if this team is going to be a serious Contender. 


The Lakers Lebron James pretty much has dominated every Player and Team in the league over his long career. But he is a perfect (28-0) against the Celtics All Star Kemba Walker. Now James has played on some loaded teams, but 28 and ZERO? That’s shocking to learn since Walker is really a superstar in this league too. Walker definitely has not been on a roster loaded with talent in the NBA like this Celtics team now. So he’s at least going into tonight’s game with a punchers chance. In March of 2014, Lebron scored 61 points in a beat down of then Walker’s Charlotte Hornets. Walkers ex teammates say he’s laughed off this streak, but inside he’s a big time competitor and he’d surely love to get that Bagel off this rivalry against Lebron.


Both teams have been missed key starters of late but the Lakers will happily return superstar Center A. Davis and the Celtics will happily welcome back both Brown and Walker tonight. The Celtics don’t have a dominated big man and probably hoped Davis would miss one more game at least. But the Celtics are a small ball guard oriented team and they will be happy to have their full arsenal back. Having stud 6th man Marcus Smart back to his better role, off the bench, and now in a really red-hot shooting groove (he set C’s all time 3 point shot record last game with 11 three pointers). 


This game is a classic tonight and it’s so important for the Celtics to halt this 3 game losing skid. The Lakers will come in fast and loose as they lost once in 11 games and that was by a mere one point. Two teams going in opposite directions but tonight we likely will see both teams fired up for this really great rivalry. The Lakers just keep destroying the Sports Books and the line looks cheap here laying only 3 to a struggling Celtics club. It’s not easy to simply lose only once a month in the NBA. But the Lakers have proved all doubter wrong, not just at Home, but dominating on the Road too. The Celtics know one win can quickly turn a bad skid into a huge momentum forward game if they can beat this red hot Lakers team. The Celtics should be really amped up and ready and surely Walker will. We will call for Kemba to break his gut wrenching 0-28 record vs. Lebron with a 30 point game tonight and shockingly a bigger win than most predict. With all hands on deck for the Celtics tonight we expect the Celtics to come away with a nice 8 point win and get that bagel of Walker’s resume vs. Lebron. Many will say this is an Upset, but it’s not going to be. The Celtics are a very solid team and at Home with all their pieces on the floor will be too much for any team in this league. The Lakers are the better team, just not tonight. Take the Celtics and the points and cash in a nice winning ticket.

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