The NBA is one of the hardest leagues to go from top to bottom overnight as the top teams are loaded with the superstars and the lower level teams have to take years to rebuild. One team in the NBA that is rebuilding much faster than expected is the Memphis Grizzlies. A more younger team with possibly the brightest young star in the game outside of the Mavs L. Doncic, and his name is Ja Morant. The 2019 NBA Draft was overtaken with Zion (Williamson) Mania and in a rare Draft even the second pick overall got much less hoopla than in most other drafts. But the Grizzlies are very happy they got Morant and they got the faster springboard to climbing the Standings a lot faster then most expected. This team is flying under the radar thanks to the Lakers and Clippers and Bucks as well getting most of the attention. Heck many casual NBA fans don’t even realize the Utah Jazz have reeled off an incredible 1o straight wins. All these upper tier teams still will continue to be the tops news daily by NBA reporters and so the Grizzlies now 6 game win streak is hardly even being noticed. It’s just the way the young Griz like it.

Morant has shined really bright scoring 18 points a game and adding 6.9 assists per game. Although he still isn’t a household NBA name, he is a rising superstar. His supporting cast could likely not be named by 90% of NBA fans across the country. But it’s a young mix gelling together nicely as we reach the near halfway point of this season. Young Jaren Jackson, Jr. is starting to finally come into his own and his 18 points per game is adding to a really exciting and high flying Offense that is exciting the Memphis fans and starting to re-energize the fan base. The teams Center Jonas Valanciunas is a rising big man who is not backing down to anyone. He averages 15+ points per game but now just shy double digits (9.8) rebounds a game. Former Oregon scoring machine D. Brooks is chipping in with 15 points a night and the young team desperately needed a savvy old veteran and they got the perfect “glue guy” in Forward Jae Crowder, one of my favorite NBA players. What’s most amazing even though it’s a team of young studs it’s Crowder that leads the team in minutes per game (30.2), ahead of even Morant (29.7). Crowder is the only Griz player playing 30+ minutes a game and he helps lead a under rated bunch that has 11 players averaging 17+ minutes per game. They sit currently in the 8th spot and are vying for a coveted Playoff spot when this was clearly supposed to be a big time rebuilding season.

Why is this team playing such great basketball, especially of late in this strong 6 game win streak? Partly because Morant is playing like he’s one of the best 10 players in the league on a night to night basis. While so many other teams are already out of the Playoff picture for good, it’s the Griz who are most likely to crash the Playoff party. In this 6 game win streak they have not scored less than 119 points, scoring as much as 140 points over one of the supposed 3 best teams in the NBA, the Clippers, as they not only beat the Clippers on the Road, but they beat them badly by 26 points. They also earned a nice double digit win over the Rockets. They are a very solid 14-14 in the very good West and have a solid chance ahead the 9 games as they play only two winning teams and a bunch of very bottom feeder teams. The only game that looks most against them is a game @ Boston, while all the rest are ones that look very winnable as they try to keep their winning surge going for a few more weeks. 

If you are betting the NBA, you may want to start taking a look each night the Grizzlies play. The NBA is and always will be a very streaky league and right now you have a young team in total sync and sharing the ball, going very deep with 11 players getting significant time. This is a team that can run a fast pace and so look especially for spots to play “ON” them when playing an opponent playing a back to back when they are rested. This Grizzlies team likely won’t advance far into the Playoffs, but this is a team on the rise. And maybe the best rise of any bottom feeder from last season. The Grizzlies are a team that should make some money for bettors the next 2-3 weeks as the schedule is very much in their favor and the Offense is simply firing on all cylinders right now. Until they cool down, look to make some money on the Memphis Grizzlies.


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