Well both come in at (3-3), so the winner takes a giant leap in the NFC East with a win. Both have all kinds of problems and many neither team really expected. Dallas beat up 3 “Sisters of the Poor” to start the year and all the talk was: ‘Dem boyz are going to the Super Bowl”. Well not so fast my friends. Since then they have looked terrible. Except for some Kirk Cousins type “pad the stats late when down a ton of points”, this Offense has been brutal. They have been outscored (47-9) in the first half the past 3 games (all losses). Prescott and Elliot have been missing in action. The Eagles have not scored a point in the first quarter in 4 games so far this season. For most part the Eagles QB Wentz does nothing when in the pocket, and makes his best plays when scrambling. The Eagles Defense has been a disaster so far, with the Pass D the 3rd worst in the NFL, allowing the most (40+) yard pass plays in league and allowing 6 WR’s to have 100 yard passing games against them. The have been killed by injuries in the Secondary, but they also tackle poor as any team in the league. Good News for Birds is they could get two top CB’s back (Mills and Darby) this week, which would be of epic proportion help. How good are Mills and Darby when both in lineup: (Eagles are 13-5). Injuries are part of the game, but I don’t care who you are, you simply can’t lose elite star talent and be same top level type teams. Cowboys all of a sudden can’t run ball? Well that’s due to missing studs on Off Line. They played last week without two elite Pro Bowl caliber guys in Smith and Collins. Hence no big holes open for Elliot to run thru. Both are game time calls Sunday vs. Eagles but both expected to start.  Making it worse the Cowboys may play without stud WR Cooper and also WR Cobb too, although all reports are Cooper will go here, and try to play it out. Add in CB’s Jones and Brown (both nursing bad hamstring injuries) and wow you have one tough task to pull off playing without so many star players. The Cowboys have been outscored (47-9) in the first halves combined of these last 3 losses. This game will surely be heavily bet, and heck already has been as all cash on Eagles getting the points so far. The winner here will be in drivers seat, and loser in some very muddy waters ahead. The Cowboys lose and face Vikings, Lions, Pats, Bears and Rams ahead with Road game at Philly in second to last game. The Eagles also face a tough one next week as they will be on road for third straight week (at Buffalo), so loss here could really turn into a bad skid as well.

This is by far to me a “MUST WIN” for both teams, but even moreso for the Cowboys, who have now lost all momentum from first 3 weeks and having to hear the chirping badly about them by media and worse by social media and I’d say this team collapses ahead. Both teams must overcome this awful early starts as you can’t fall behind week after week early and expect to come back, especially against good teams. Eagles usually defer on the coin toss to play Defense first, but expect them to take the ball first to get Offense rolling. Word is Cowboys HC Garrett might be Fired if team loses this game, and his players know it. These are two really good teams just playing Bad football so far. One of these two know they will eventually win the NFC East and winning tonight’s contest will be a huge lift for games ahead. Much bigger win if Eagles get it as this is on road and late in year this head-head in Philly.  Hard to call a game in week 7 a “MUST WIN OR SEASON OVER” but that is close to case for Cowboys tonight.

Enjoy this fun rivalry and expect to see both teams fired up from the opening kickoff. 

May all your wagers be WINNING ones!



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