It’s only Week 3 but we see what could possibly be a Playoff matchup later on down the road. But for now it’s as good as it gets for an NFL game. The Baltimore Ravens travel to Kansas City as it’s the Number 1 Offense vs. the #3 Offense. And guess what? The Number 1 Offense is NOT the KC Chiefs. It’s the new look Ravens Offense led by QB Lamar Jackson. This year he is still running the ball, but more on called plays and less on scrambling under Pressure. He is lighting it up passing the ball with 7 TD’s and no interceptions. It’s uncanny as KC QB Mahomes also has 7 TD’s and 0 Interceptions.

Neither team has turned the ball over once yet. In this day and age that is almost impossible to do. The Ravens are the best rushing team in the NFL, and number 1 in the most important category, time of possession. They rank 4th in Passing yard and 3rd down conversions. They are doing everything right out the gate here so far. They were somewhat tested last week by the Cardinals, but they held them to only a FG in each of the first 3 quarters. The Ravens D isn’t great, but it’s been a bend but don’t break one so far. They will be severely tested this week though vs. the best Offense the past 2 seasons.

The Chiefs Offense has weapons everywhere. The will be short a key OL (Fisher) this week though. Mahomes had his first ever first quarter last week without a TD. The Chiefs also were held scoreless the entire second half, scoring all 28 points in the second quarter.

The difference here will be what Defense can stop the opposing teams Offense. The KC Defense is middle pack at best and the Ravens Defense slightly better. But neither is a match this week for two red hot QB’s who can simply destroy you with the deep ball. Ravens Jackson has also excelled with fake handoffs up the middle and then sprinting out to his left to usually wide open field and making 10+ yard gains. It’s really hard to stop Jackson now that he’s shown he can pass ball deep. The addition of WR Brown has been gigantic for this Offense to keep the Defenses honest. Brown is so fast and just separates from the CB’s covering him. He should have a big game vs. a very average KC secondary on Sunday.

This game was lined at the Opener of 5 1/2 and 52. They quickly bet the Total to 55. Now it’s been bet back down by the Sharps to 52 again. Hard to grasp why anyone who likes their money would bet the Under with these two explosive Offenses and when you add in KC scored no points their past 2 quarters, that makes betting the Under even more nutty.

This game will be a treat and the scoreboard should get lit up. Can the Ravens pass the Chiefs as the top team in the NFL this side of the Patriots? We will see as this will be a very tough road test for the young Ravens bunch as they will be playing in one of the loudest and craziest fan base stadiums in the NFL.

It may only be September, but this sure feels like a Playoff game this Sunday. Enjoy the games ahead.

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