We can tell you that once you get thru 6 full games, the stats no longer Lie. Like Cards ex HC Green once said “They were who we thought they were”. For anyone stunned the Broncos laid an egg last night, you simply are not watching these games or grasping that the stats are usually very true and tell a clear story on what likely will happen each week ahead. Turnovers are hard to predict and missed FG’s too…and of course weather will play a factor in the next 2 months where winter will hit so many cities. Lots of losing bettors use: “team is due to win”, where I say “team is likely to lose AGAIN” because they simply stink. There really is no amount of points to make a bad team give you “VALUE”, as there are too many games on the betting board each week for you never to need to go bet on a really Bad team. I have said for years, “Good teams will still win on their worst games, and Bad teams have to play great to just still have a chance to win”.

Let’s look at some helpful Betting information for WEEK 7 games in the NFL.


It’s Murray vs. Jones Part 1. Number 1 pick for #6 pick. Murray is avg. 277 yppg and Jones 230 yppg. Murray stands to look good Sunday as he faces a Giants “D” allowing 285 pypg. Murray has been getting better, and in October he is running the ball more than he rushed it in September, and his legs will move the chains and keep drives alive. For anyone who thought he’d come right in week 1 and dominate like he did in College, you were overly expecting way too much too fast. The Giants have been just destroyed by injuries, and losing Barkley was a killer. Jones has come down to earth and looked really bad past few games. Injuries are on thing, but turning the ball over is the bigger reason they are playing poorly. They have committed 15 turnovers already and only had 19 all of last season. The Giants have strangely been really bad at Home too, going just (2-8-1) ATS the past 11 at Home.


Colts Defense has sacked Texans QB Watson 15x it’s last 3 meetings. Watson has been sacked 18x this season. Good news is that Watson hasn’t been sacked one time the past 2 games. Bad news is RT Howard is now out. Colts good news is they get stud LB Leonard back and he was one of 3 best Defensive Players in NFL last year, and Safety Hooker too. Huge impact likely immediately to Colts Defense that is just middle of road (15th) so far. Watson though is a “gamer” and he steps up his game when he’s the Underdog (10-2) ATS in that situation and Houston can run the ball (139 rypg) which is something all teams must do on the Road in load Arena’s. Texans def have edge on Offense but Colts at Home will get a very fired up D to even the edges be either. Houston “D” could be in serious trouble in Secondary as CB Roby (Out) and Joseph (out last week Hamstring issue and still not a definite “go” this week yet). Colts also could be without top 3 cornerbacks so both teams facing same dilemma. This one has down to the wire written all over it.


Miami got a huge leg up with loss to Skins last week for 1st pick in next Draft. Bills are (9-4-1) ATS after the “BYE” week. Last year Bills QB Allen had 10 TD passes. Five came against the Miami Defense. Hard to believe the Bills could be laying 3 scores here. The Defense though is playing really best in NFL so far, and likely will just get better if no bad injuries happen. Miami now benching Rosen at QB in favor of Old Man Fitzpatrick. He played for Bills and may be excited to get this start, but he won’t do much vs. this Bills Defense. 


Maybe best match up of the week. Lions come off crushing loss Mon Night to Packers thanks to 2 horrific Ref blown calls. Now a short week before facing the very good Vikings Defense (#4). Many feel Vikes QB Cousins is now back in top form. He is NOT and never will be. Don’t be fooled by him doing well vs. two of the 4 worst Pass Defenses the past 2 weeks. Guys were running free and wide open by 8 yards or more. All the NFL QB’s would hit those open guys. The Vikings do have an edge running here vs. Lions Def allowing 125 rypg. Vikings first option on Offense is give ball often to stud RB Cook. Past two weeks he wasn’t needed as Vikings HC Zimmer wised up on his awful thinking to run more than pass (2 straight wins and good Offensive showings). He may go back to a more 50-50 split though as Lions have allowed a 100 yard rusher every game this year. A huge advantage to Vikes is that the OL allows Cousins (2.98) seconds to pass (#1 in NFL). Now he faces the Lions D allowing opposing QB’s (2.99) seconds to pass (dead last).Lions DC is worst Coach I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. He blitzes only 9% (dead last) and so he allows opposing QB’s all day to pass on his Defense.  Funny part about Cousins is even with this #1 time to pass ball, he still isn’t averaging 200 yards per game.   SMH    Cousins is now (0-6) with the Vikings when the pointspread is at or within 3 points. The reason for this is if the opposing team Defense is every above average, he gets spooked badly. The Vikings being the better team keeps me off betting the Lions here. But if you have been a big Cousins backer in games over the years, you are likely Homeless. But hey I am glad you have internet access to read my articles. 


The once left for dead Raiders are now shocking the world as they are in midst of a 35 week away from Home trip of traveling a million air miles in the process. OK so I am exaggerating a bit, but the league handed this team a schedule from Hell “Death Wish” and they are giving the league the middle finger so far, with some fantastic road wins over a very good Colts team and a very good Bears Defense all way in London. The Packers got very lucky to win Monday night and now they have Wide Receivers getting hurt at massive rates and with a sporadic rush attack and Rodgers only passing for 244 yards per game (16th best) and the Offense ranked #25 and you can’t just give automatic wins at Lambeau for the immediate time being. KEY in this game could be the Packers Sack Masters vs. Oakland OL allowing only 8 sacks so far (5th best). Raiders D has done well vs. Run so far (only 92 rypg) but they do give up a ton of big pass plays, so I’d expect the Packers to open this one up and pray these young and untested guys can get job done and then pray more TE Jimmy Graham returns to his old self. I really like Raiders RB Jacobs and feel he may become best pick of first round draft last year. He really takes pressure off QB Carr, who is really passing ball accurately and not costing team games. Rodgers has (23) wins vs. AFC opponents since 2010, most by any other QB. Packers are (15-4) ATS at Home vs. AFC since 2010. The sharps all grabbed up the Raiders (+7) fast, causing one of the biggest early moves so far. Another Raiders win on this awful Road trip task will make them a solid contender the rest of the way. Teams off “BYE” (Oak here) are just (2-7-1) ATS facing a team off a Monday Night game last 10 in that type of situation. I just don’t see GB pulling away right now with so many injuries and dropsie problems by it’s receivers.


Every week I inside wish for a First WIN for Bengals new HC Taylor. This guy was dealt one bad hand. The Off Line now has 3 new starters, and the run game (3rd worst) gives Dalton no help nor time to pass the ball. Now the Defense is playing as bad as possible and allowing more yards per game (412), which is second worst only to Miami. They allow 168 rypg and now face Jax Jags rush attack getting (138) rypg.  This is not good news when facing Jags Fournette. I like the Minshew Mania, but like I said with Broncos Offense tapes I watch, they don’t lie, this kid is decent, but he’s already struggling now that teams have tape on him. The Jags traded stud CB Ramsey, and they know they need to ball control games to win and allow less pressure to fall on Minshew’s shoulders. My first thought at lines coming out Sunday night was this is week Bengals win. Then I watched their tapes closer. Ouch this team is way worse than I ever realized. It’s really hard for people to understand, but if you have a Bad Offensive Line, you can NOT win games. Bengals with 3 new starters is really a tough ask to get a win Sunday. Also, (0-4) teams or worse are just (13-29-1) ATS as Home DOGS since 2009. Bengals need to not turn ball over, and make this a very low scoring game and maybe get a lucky turnover late and win by a FG. For their new HC, I am rooting for it. But I don’t bet bad teams and this Bengals team is BAD, BAD, BAD!


Oh boy the sky is now falling in Atlanta as they simply can’t cover the kids in the neighborhood right now. Now they get to face a mad as Hell Rams team off 3 straight losses. And Rams QB Goff is avg 318 pass yards per game so not looking good again for this injury riddled Falcons Defense, that has allowed 20 points or more every game so far and 34 and 53 points the past two weeks. We already say how the Rams got into a big shootout with the Bucs a few weeks back and this looks a lot alike. Falcons QB Ryan us avg. (313) pypg with a near non existing Rush attack (68 rypg – 4th worst), he has no other choice but to pass early and often, and he has the weapons in Sanu and Jones and Ridley, to at least put points on the board. Ryan is only QB with (4) 300 yard and (3) TD games this year and right now the Rams Defense is in turmoil. Trading a top CB and one top CB out with injury, and the big guns up and down from one game to the next and hard to now handicap this Rams team. You have two teams going in the wrong direction (Falcons are 6-16 ATS Last 22 overall, 0-4 ATS Last 4 and just 1-5 ATS in 2019), and Rams shockingly losing 3 straight games. Falcons secondary also has major problem is stud CB Trufant can’t go (missed last week and lingering bad toe injury) not the right week to be facing the very strong group of Rams wide outs. Atlanta just seems to be a team going nowhere, and they simply are a terrible bet vs. non-division opponents (3-14) ATS last 17 in that situation. A loss here by the Rams will really shake up the NFL world as losing to this Falcons team with this bad a Defense will totally stop: Rams HC McVay is greatest young HC ever. It’s crazy to think an NFL team is all about only 4-5 guys and for the Falcons they are the QB and the top 3-4 wide outs. There is nothing else good to say about this Falcons team. Kudos to Ryan though for at least keeping his team somewhat competitive as across the board one of worst teams in NFL. Falcons are worst in NFL in Sacks per play. Ouch, as they now face an angry Rams Offense and a QB Goff, who with time, is one of best in NFL as he’s got mountains of talent to pass ball to. 


First let’s get one huge thing straight. The Redskins are going to the Super Bowl. It’s clear now all the losing was former HC Jay Gruden’s fault. New HC Callahan is “the MAN”. He’s going to likely win every game rest of the season. Did you all watch how the Skins dominated the Dolphins? Peterson ran wild again as Callahan knows how to use him properly. Keenum was finally set free last week and did you see that one deep ball he threw dead on money. Keenum might be best QB in the NFL and it was clear Gruden held him back. The Redskins are hitting on all cylinders now and anything short of a Super Bowl win with this loaded talent across the board will be the biggest Upset in NFL history. Ok folks that was all in good fun as of course none of that is true. The Redskins are a disaster and things will only get worse. I’d be stunned if they don’t trade at least 4 guys here in next week or so, as this team is really, really bad. I will say one thing, I watch all Redskins games closely, and the OL last week played it’s best game in years. I was stunned re-watching the game tape. But again it was against the Dolphins Defense, the same D everyone else destroyed, while the Skins only scored 17 points. Now the Skins get to face what is shaping up as the ’85 Bears Defense. At times it looks like the Niners D knows the plays being called. Nobody is ever out of place. Nobody else comes close to tackling like they are so far. You can’t run it and you can’t pass it. They have allowed 5 TD’s all year. They are stopping teams to a (58%) rate in red zone and at goal line they are protecting it like the USA Army protects us. They have not allowed a 100 yard rusher yet. They allow opposing QBR (15.7) = Best in NFL. The Redskins Offense averages 15 points a game, the Niners Defense is allowing an insane (12) points per game. The Niners run the ball more than any other team but the Ravens. Now they face the Skins Rush Defense that is 4th worst vs. the Run (144 rypg). The Redskins may have now the worst Home Field Advantage (or in this case Non Advantage) in the NFL, losing 7 straight games at Home and now a ticket killer at (1-6) ATS. This Niners Defense has allowed 3 and 7 points the past two weeks. This came against the (#4) Rams Offense and a pretty decent Browns Offense. The Redskins are not in either of those two league, but to their credit they have faced 4 of the top 10 Defenses in the NFL so far in first 6 games. If you look back to Patriots loss you really can fully expect the Niners to play out the exact same way on Sunday. Lots of folks use this “LETDOWN” spot following any teams “BIG” Win the prior week. Of course the Niners would fit in here now coming down to the gutter, right off gigantic Rams win. But there is simply nothing to see here but the stone cold truth. The Niners Defense is simply too much for this Skins Offense to handle. The Redskins D isn’t really as bad as it’s numbers, so they could slow down Jimmy G a bit, as they do get pressure and sacks. Could the Skins cover a Double Digit spread here? They could but it would be more of a shock as they simply do not have the talent to play with this aggressive Off game plan Niners use nor Def game plan and overall stud talent across board the Niners put on field. The Niners are (13-5) ATS as an Away Favorite vs. Non-Div Opponents. One bad trend is the long cross country trip to earlier EST kickoff. 


Don’t even get me started with this Titans team and it’s HC who clearly is in way over his head. This Offense makes the Redskins Offense look like an elite one. A month ago I watched them closely vs. the Jaguars and they scored 7 points, completely struggling to just get a first down. I said “OK, Jags are a good Defense so not that shocking”. Since that game, the OL has become worst in NFL, and to make matters worse they have no talent really at the wide out positions, and with no time to throw ball, Hell Dan Marino would do nothing here as well. The past 2 weeks the Titans have scored 7 points and 0 points. Count out any Dolphins stat stuff, this was the worst 2 week Offense I’ve watched on tape. The OC play calling is atrocious. This team plays entire game “NOT TO LOSE”. Now they make a change at QB (fully warranted as Mariota was a deer in headlights) with Tannehill. Last week he came in relief and was not bad (13-16-144-1 INT). He can only improve an Offense to me that really had no chance of scoring much. Luckily for the Titans, the Chargers are not playing much better. The Bolts Offense has not score a first half point the past 2 games, being outscored (38-0). How the Hell can that happen with Rivers at QB and stud WR Allen?  It happened because the Offense is now turning ball over too much. Already 11x (13 all of last year) and worst of all 5 turnovers inside the Red Zone (dead last in NFL). You add that the Chargers Defense simply can’t tackle (allowing numerous missed easy tackles to turn into Touchdowns) and you see why this Bolts team is struggling. The Chargers have lost 4 games, but 3, 7, 7, and 7 points. So really they are nothing like the same struggles the Titans are having. The Titans would die to even get into the Red Zone on Offense right now. It’s scary to think the Titans (a team where their Offense has scored a TD or less 3 of last 4 games) is the favorite here. Both teams have played 5 straight “UNDERS”. You’d have to feel if you bet Teasers that grabbing the Bolts over a TD would be of solid value as all their losses by TD or less and Titans scoring right now like you hitting the Lottery. The Titans are just (2-10) ATS as a Home Favorite vs. non Division Opponents. There are 30 things you can bet this Sunday, betting this Titans team should be #30.


First and foremost, the prodigal son, Earl Thomas returns. His last game he played he left field on a golf cart giving the Seahawks bench the middle finger. Now though he is a Raven and I am sure he will be the most fired up player this weekend on any team. The Seahawks traded for DE Clowney to help it’s weak pass rush unit. Also added Ziggy Ansah too. Between the two, they have only 2 sacks. As a team they have only 10 sacks. They do get a shot in arm as last year’s Sack leader (J. Reed – 10 1/2 sacks) returns from 6 week suspension. Seattle Defense has given up 5th most passes of 30+ yards and the Ravens should get speedy stud WR Brown back, at the most opportune time. Bad news for Seattle on Offensive side is they are going to likely be without Pro Bowl LT Brown, who also missed last weeks game. Making matters worse they may also be without RG Fluker (nursing bad hamstring – now day to day). But hey if one team can withstand OL injuries it’s Seattle as they possess the best scrambling QB in NFL (Wilson). In fact Wilson’s best pass plays come when scrambling. He is passing for (271) yards per game and will face a Ravens D allowing 280 passing yards per game. Key here to beating Ravens is stopping their Run game, especially QB Jackson. It’s amazing to me a young kid can predict when Jackson will keep it and quickly run to his left and yet nobody can stop it. The interesting watch here is can the Ravens top run unit (192 rypg) gash this Seattle run unit allowing only (80) rypg? Jackson can pass ball too as he is greatly improved in that department, and he’s been hurt losing his main deep threat Brown. He has him back, and he’s passing ball well enough they will be OK if run game is slowed., as Seattle D is allowing 271 passing yards per game. I have to say to this point, one of my top 10 “I can’t believe this is true” list has to be “What happened to the Seahawks incredible Home Field advantage? Is the 12th man on strike? They have lost two of their 3 Home games so far, with the only win a lucky 1 point win over win less Cincinnati (0-3 ATS at home so far now). Seattle seems at it’s best in shootouts. Four games already have been and they will need to start strong vs. a Ravens Offense that is outscoring opponents (58-24) in the first quarter. If Ravens do that here, they neutralize the 12th man (the rowdy Seahawk fans). One thing to watch closely and this may likely decide the game: Ravens Defense blitzes at highest rate in NFL (45%). Now they face QB Wilson who is (73%) pass completions vs. Blitz, and as I mentioned, the best scrambling QB in NFL right now. Huge Advantage to Seattle if Ravens blitz that much Sunday. The Seahawks lead league in wide open (5 yards of separation or more) targets by it’s QB (31%) and why Wilson is so deadly when scrambling. His receivers on tape show me they seem to be at their best when they see Wilson scrambling. I watch so much tape and see over half WR’s just give up once the original route/play not working out. Not Seattle, these guys run faster to get open and Wilson rarely misses one that is. Ravens opened season looking like Beasts of the league winning first two. Since then it’s been a nightmare winning only one of 4, a very fortunate OT win over Pittsburgh. They are (0-4-1) ATS last 5 weeks. But the door is Open as Seattle Home Field Adv seems to be gone. Can a fired up Earl Thomas gear up his team enough to pull off a huge road win here? 


Saints didn’t miss a beat losing Brees as Teddy Two Gloves is (4-0) and although he isn’t lighting the stat world on fire, he has kept the Saints in the hunt for Brees return and proved he can win in this league. He’d need a shiny bright chain though to make this Offensive numbers look shiny. He may be (4-0) but his Offense since taking over helm is (25th) overall, averaging a meek (311) total yards and a pedestrian (17) points per game. They have been slowed somewhat by committing the most Offensive penalties in the league and they are (4th) worst in Red Zone efficiency. The Bears Offense has been atrocious as it’s the (3rd) worst in NFL. They will get back Trubisky here and are well rested off the “BYE”. The biggest problem I’ve seen from Bears is HC/Play Caller Nagy, who has been by far, worst in NFL, so far calling plays. He’s deathly afraid to call any deep balls. Opposing Defenses are grasping that. He’s another joke trying “NOT TO LOSE”. Yes the Bears Defense is loaded: (#5) Overall, but you can’t play like that. The QB can’t get into any groove and you have to realize even the QB himself is deathly afraid to make a mistake. You want to know how bad Nagy’s play calling has been? The Bears run game has gained 8+yards only 10 times all season. This is almost impossible to even do. Nagy has to help Trubisky and just “OPEN IT UP” and let the chips fall where they may. He likely won’t though knowing the Saints aren’t going to score a ton on this Defense. The tough task for the Bears is they can’t run ball and the Saints Defense hasn’t allowed a 100 yard rusher in it’s past 32 games. The Saints D has held it’s last 3 opponents to season lows in Total Yards so it’s likely no Bears Offensive explosion coming this week again. The Bears Defense is always talked about, but not the Saints D. Well folks, even with losing stud DT Rankins, they have (18) sacks (6th best in NFL). They will though be without very solid Nickel Back PJ Williams (out for 2 game suspension). It’s always bad to lose a key secondary player as they don’t grow on trees and the rules are already set up against Secondary players. The Saints could be facing playing without stud RB Alvin Kamara. That’s a major loss and puts all pressure on stud WR Thomas (tops in NFL) to make big plays. Teddy Bridgewater may not look shiny like many other elite QB’s, but all he does is Win (27-7) ATS as a starting QB and (15-2) ATS as a Dog. Right now the Bears remind me a lot like the Broncos, they simply just don’t have a good Offense. They both rely solely on their Defenses to win every game. It’s time for Nagy to open the entire playbook, trick plays and all. Throw some deep balls and get Trubisky to be on the attack, rather then attacked for 60 minutes. If Teddy B wins this game, hell just have him run for President, as he LOVES WINNING!


Well both come in at (3-3), so the winner takes a giant leap in the NFC East with a win. Both have all kinds of problems and many neither team really expected. Dallas beat up 3 “Sisters of the Poor” to start the year and all the talk was: ‘Dem boyz are going to the Super Bowl”. Well not so fast my friends. Since then they have looked terrible. Except for some Kirk Cousins type “pad the stats late when down a ton of points”, this Offense has been brutal. They have been outscored (47-9) in the first half the past 3 games (all losses). Prescott and Elliot have been missing in action. The Eagles have not scored a point in the first quarter in 4 games so far this season. For most part the Eagles QB Wentz does nothing when in the pocket, and makes his best plays when scrambling. The Eagles Defense has been a disaster so far, with the Pass D the 3rd worst in the NFL, allowing the most (40+) yard pass plays in league and allowing 6 WR’s to have 100 yard passing games against them. The have been killed by injuries in the Secondary, but they also tackle poor as any team in the league. Good News for Birds is they could get two top CB’s back (Mills and Darby) this week, which would be of epic proportion help. How good are Mills and Darby when both in lineup: (Eagles are 13-5). Injuries are part of the game, but I don’t care who you are, you simply can’t lose elite star talent and be same top level type teams. Cowboys all of a sudden can’t run ball? Well that’s due to missing studs on Off Line. They played last week without two elite Pro Bowl caliber guys in Smith and Collins. Hence no big holes open for Elliot to run thru. Both are game time calls Sunday vs. Eagles so Cowboys could continue struggling without them both. Making it worse the Cowboys may play without stud WR Cooper and also WR Cobb too. Add in CB’s Jones and Brown (both nursing bad hamstring injuries) and wow you have one tough task to pull off playing without so many star players. This game will surely be heavily bet, and heck already has been as all cash on Eagles getting the points so far. The winner here will be in drivers seat, and loser in some very muddy waters ahead. The Cowboys lose and face Vikings, Lions, Pats, Bears and Rams ahead with Road game at Philly in second to last game. The Eagles also face a tough one next week as they will be on road for third straight week (at Buffalo), so loss here could really turn into a bad skid as well. This is by far to me a “MUST WIN” for both teams, but even moreso for the Cowboys, who have now lost all momentum from first 3 weeks and having to hear the chirping badly about them by media and worse by social media and I’d say this team collapses ahead.


The Jets are back. Like the Redskins they are now going to the Super Bowl. QB Darnold is the best QB in 100 years. They say “bring on the Champs, they aint got nothing!” Well of course both those last 3 lines are true. But boy o’ boy are the Jets fans happy to see Darnold return. The kid is a nice QB who clearly shows he will be one to watch in years ahead. He will face his toughest test I think as a Pro, facing this Patriots Defense that is playing at a nearly impossible level. It’s like the Pats have 12 men on the field. The Pats Defense has allowed 3, 0, 0, 10, 17 and 14 points so far. They are reaching “best all time” levels on 3rd downs: (10-73) (13.7%) allowed and in the earlier win vs. Jets they allowed not one third down conversion. I will note it was Luke Falk’s first game as Jets QB and not with Darnold under Center. The Jets hoped RB L. Bell would provide big numbers and give needed jolt to the Jets Offense, but so far (3.0) yards per carry only as opposing Defense’s have load the box and he’s had no shot to do much. Ok so for many you want to ask: “do the Jets have a chance to win here”? Let’s look at one thing Pats QB Brady is struggling at so far. He is really struggling “UNDER PRESSURE” for the first time I’ve ever watched. He’s completing (24%) when pressured and only (2.5 yards per attempted pass) when under fire (also 2 Int’s). I watched their last few game tapes closer and reason is OL has been just so-so and his receivers simply aren’t separating much. Lucky for Brady he still has WR Edelman, who seems to get open on every pass. The key here may come down to the Jets D that loves to blitz (38%) of time (4th most). I love that thinking when you have a bad team, you gotta make things happen. In years past you blitz Brady you get killed for it. This year not so much. Is Brady finally showing some cracks in the armor? Since the Pats have been ahead by big numbers a lot, Brady hasn’t been tested much. I did notice how the Skins D just got in there all day using blitz packages. Brady now is very smart, and he quickly goes down like ole Peyton Manning used to, if anyone is close. I love that too as we see too many QB take unnecessary big hits. Brady goes down, so does Pats season. The Jets have held their own at Home past 6 season against the Pats (5-1) ATS. Their D gets a huge lift too as LB CJ Mosely returns from long absence. This Jets D has some fantastic players, including to me one of the best in the NFL, Safety Jamal Adams. He leads the Defense is slowing down the Run and the Pats are under 100 yards rushing per game so far. I doubt I am in action here, but I can only look at one thing thats a “sure thing” so far and that is the Pats D (#1) and so far nobody has really had two straight good drives against them. They are in the zone that we rarely see in this league. They are well coached, no egos and rarely out of position. Pats are only (4-2) ATS so far, but one of the two losses actually came against the Jets when the Jets got two garbage TD’s late (fumble and INT return off backup QB Stidham), otherwise they would be covering at a (5-1) ATS clip. You bet against the Pats and you are dead broke and Homeless. 

Hope you enjoyed this article as it should get you more prepared before you bet any NFL game this week. Hopefully if you don’t have time to watch these games and get to look at them all for hours again like I do, that some of this helps you making more informed bets this weekend. 


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