Was it Really Worth it – a baseball fan’s perspective!

The Washington Nationals clinched a playoff spot!  Sure, it’s a Wildcard slot, but they are still going to be playing at least one more game come the postseason.  The Nationals lost Bryce Harper in the off-season last year to that huge free agency contract that brought Harper over to the Philadelphia Phillies. So, how did the Phillies do this year?  They are in fourth in the NL East, 16.5 games back of the Braves of this writing and only one game above the .500 mark. They also  are nine-games back of the Nationals in the NL East. Come the postseason,  Harper and the rest of the Phillies likely will be on the links and not the diamond. What’s even more surprising is that Harper didn’t even make the All-Star game this year! I will say this though, attendance was way up in Philly, so at least maybe he paid for his signing in one way if not as much on the field. 

So, what it really worth his signing?  Does one player really make that much of a difference? 

Padres at Orioles 6/26/19

Manny Machado was the other big name to sign in the offseason with the San Diego Padres. How did the Padres do this year?   How about 4th in the NL West with a 70-87 record and 31-games back of the Dodgers. Oh, and the Dodgers came oh-so-close to signing Harper. I think the Dodgers have had a poor history of signing these big Free agents (cough-cough, Don “full-pack” Stanhouse to name one of many).  Do you think the Dodgers are happy they passed on Harper? Manny had a sub-par year from his days in Baltimore’s Camden Yard. Sure, the stadium may have played a part as Camden is a much more friend ball park to hit in. However, even Macahdo’s fielding was down this year and that was supposed to be his always A-game. In my opinion, Manny isn’t close to the best player on this San Diego team, but he’s sure paid like he should be.  Do you think the Padres are having some buyer’s remorse at this point? I sure do. 

When these players sign these 10-year contracts they really lose incentive to produce in my opinion. Why, they got what they wanted, now they can enjoy their spoils. Let’s face it, by the time Harper and Machado’s contracts are up, they both will be on the back-end of their respective careers and those big bucks will be long gone.  

Hey, I give them credit, they got it because these teams paid it and for that I salute them. But from a fan standpoint, I would much rather be a Nationals fan or Dodgers fan right now and say I told you so, then a Padres or Phillies fan and have to live with these guys for another 9-years.  More so with Machado who I believe is way over hyped and really has only had two or three really good years in his career. Hardly worth the money he’s being paid.  

Just one fans opinion!


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