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Break the Bank with Elite Shadow Bets

Whether you are new to betting or a seasoned pro, our team of professional sports bettors will give you the inside scoop on what’s hot and where to put your money.

How It Works

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Start by choosing the professional profile you want to shadow. You can select your pro based on sport category using our sport icons or scrolling through our professional profiles page.  The sports category icons in the profiles highlight which sports your handicapper will be betting on for that week, so by choosing the sport icon you want to see, those pros will be categorized for you. Now …Select your pro!

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Next, select the shadow plan that fits your bankroll. We offer four amazing shadow plans to help you win big. Once you’ve selected a plan, your handicapper’s full profile, sports selections, game info and so much more will be available to help you make the best choice at the sportsbook.

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Now you can begin shadowing. You’ll have inside access to the most informative pro sports handicappers online. Giving you the upper hand at the sports book. If they make any last minute changes you’ll be the first to know. When you are ready to place your bet, visit one of our affiliate sports books and get ready to win it big.

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Shadow Plans

Year/League season

All In

Want to make the most of sports betting? Go all in with our yearly plan. Get the inside scoop on all things sports betting and win big weekly.

Month/30 Days

Game changer

Getting serious about sports betting? Try our monthly plan and follow your favorite teams to victory. Stay up to date on what’s happening and turn that knowledge into cash.

7 Day

Level up

Have a big game coming up? Shadow your professional for a week and follow their updates to learn more. This plan will level up your skills and help you make the best bets possible.

1 Day

Try it out

New to sports betting? This is the plan for you. Get your feet wet with our three day trial. Select a bettor by your favorite sport and place a wager.

Get Started

Ready to start winning big? Find a plan that is right for you and start making bets today!

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Free 3 day shadow plan from the Handicapper of your choice!

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